TEAMOSITY® by TeamTelligent is an iPad/tablet application
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An iPad/tablet enabled application to accelerate team performance

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Identify Key Attributes

Team members bring different experiences, competencies, perspectives, and personalities to teamwork. TEAMOSITY® enables you to clarity the range of attributes team members bring to the team work equation and how to leverage those attributes for team effectiveness. With a slight tap, you will have at your finger tips key aspects of team members. Learn More

Facilitate Effectiveness

What do you do when team members have conflict? How do you handle motivating team members? What are the levers of influence team members typically use? What is the best way to replace a member of the team? TEAMOSITY® provides you with easy inquiry access to these questions and many more so you have a deeper understanding of team needs. Learn More

Find Solution Tips

Understanding differences on the team is just part of what you need to do as either a team member or team leader. Knowing what to do — given the differences and needs of team members — to help the team reach its goals is one of the benefits of TEAMOSITY®. Get action tips for helping the team reach its goals. Learn More

Maximize Team Strength

Team members need to understand ways to work with the differences they experience on the team. With a team member by member function in TEAMOSITY®, you can identify how the differences work well together and when they don't and what to do about it! Learn More


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Teamwork & Team Performance iPad/Tablet App

You can accelerate team, sales, leadership, and individual performance through the use of practical action tips found at the speed of need. Using personality type as a way to understand behavior patterns, you gain insights that help elevate the emotional intelligence, leadership, and teaming skills for team team members using our applications.

Teamwork, team communication, team performance, team building, and overall team effectiveness are achieved by seeing the link between behavior patterns and key factors like decision-making, conflict management, strengths, team meeting skills, typical team member blindspots, and relationship building skills. Type to type tips, development suggestions, and performance guidance is provided throughout the applications. Our goal is to provide you with a personal consultant--just a few clicks to gain insights that make a difference in the use of talent and strengths.

TeamTelligent, LLC applications are designed to give you immediate insights into behaviors that make the difference in performance. Understanding the orderly, predictable, and measurable behavior patterns of those with whom you work gives everyone a performance edge. Built on years of research, each of the applications allow you to enter your personality type or the type of your team members (or customers) to access pragmatic tactics for working with those who are so different in their approach to working, teaming, and leading.

Our applications give you access to unparalleled applications such as type behavior graphs that show relationships and challenges, degrees of dysfunction, and type dynamics. The best practical applications of personality type available, these are also the least expensive comprehensive talent tools available.

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