TEAMTELLIGENT® provides action oriented iPad applications to accelerate performance and effectiveness. Go to your Apple store to purchase the application that works for you!

Used for team building, team training, team problem solving, communication, and team development by using insights from personality type.  If you have used the MBTI assessment, you can simply add the appropriate type codes or you can take a personality sorter already in the application.  Find your team’s personality type, best-fit type, and use the application to plan a team personality type insight event.

With CAREERFITOSITY™ you can link personality type, skills, and interests to find the best college majors or career paths.  If you have taken the MBTI, you can simply enter in your type code, complete the career interest and career skill surveys.

RELATE! ™allows you to look at working best with teams at college, advisors, professors, roommates, and any other individual in the university setting.  Either enter in your MBTI code or complete the personality type survey in the application.

Key Attributes
TEAMTELLIGENT™ applications provide for an efficient look at behavior attributes that contribute to performance and effectiveness. Depending on your primary area of need –team development, sales effectiveness, career decisions, or educational settings—these applications bring clarity to the attributes and patterns that matter.
Each application gives you multiple analytical options and action oriented tips to deal effectively with others. You can get details on how to approach others and how to manage your own strengths to enhance effectiveness.
Solution Tips
You need to both understand the nature of human differences and the appropriate tactics needed to influence them. To get the most out of those on whom you depend, you need to engage in ways the increase motivation, facilitate problem-solving, and enhancement commitment to work toward mutually satisfying solutions.
Team Strengths
Through any of our applications, TEAMTELLIGENT™ provides guidance for identifying and leveraging strengths. Each application explores individual and group strengths that can help everyone involved move to the next level of performance.

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