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Address your leaders’ strengths and areas of improvement with a 360 Assessment.

Any great leader wants to grow and develop within their role and organization, as well as wanting the same for their teams. The 360 Assessment offered by TeamTelligent helps you to assess and interpret your employees’ ability to fulfill the unique roles, practices and behaviors that drive effectiveness within your organization, at all levels. Newly configured and streamlined for maximum user experience in 2018, our 360 Assessment tools are backed by 100 years of combined experience, 50 years of research aimed at delivering feedback, and research-based measures that can both bolster performance today and navigate a leader’s career success long term.

360 Assessment

Our 360 Assessment provides invaluable insights into the unique roles, practices and behaviors needed at all levels in your organization, making this a 360 that is anything but “off the shelf.”  By considering the context in which employees work, the assessment measures are positioned to provide improvements to individual and team effectiveness, while strengthening the overall talent bench. This feedback and input is provided by a number of rater groups – leaders, peers, direct reports, and even external clients to provide well-rounded development opportunities that build the most effective leaders, managers and individual contributors today. Feedback may include any of the following based upon the report selected:

  • Aggregate analysis of critical roles and practices unique to the organization
  • Instant observable behavior prompts to initiate developmental insights
  • Rating summaries that propel coaching conversations and are easy to understand
  • Narrative comments that provide deeper behavioral insights directly from a rater’s perspective
  • Recommended development tips that are actionable
  • Rater feedback on behavior the participant should start, stop, or keep doing
  • Information to get quickly from analysis to insights to change

By providing a well-rounded view of highest to lowest skills, our well-devised 360 Assessment provides participants with an understanding of many areas to leverage– those in which they can improve, as well as areas that may be impeding progress. Our assessment process goes well beyond the usual development suggestions and addresses growth from a number of coaching vantage points: good to great, things you may be doing “too much” of, skills you might substitute for another, or skills that will serve as boosters to performance and more. This creates tangible development plans on things that matter.

By using the 360 Assessment offered by TeamTelligent, you demonstrate your investment in your organization, and more so your investment in your employees – to engage and communicate their value through solid development activities for leaders, managers, individual contributors, high potentials, and teams.