TeamTelligent™ is the collaboration of Dr. Roger Pearman and Dr. Robert Eichinger who have spent their professional lives working with ways to help individual, organizations, and teams accelerate development and performance. Using their collective research and experience, they developed TEAMOSITY®, RELATE!™, SALESOSITY™, and CAREERFITOSITY™ to allow you to find answers to your most pressing questions about teams, learning groups in educational settings, sales tactics and strategies, and career fit.

You can look at team member typical Roles, Meetings, Decisions, Projects, Openings, Speed and Time, Capabilities and much more on TEAMOSITY®. SALESOSITY™ provides practical action tips to elevate sales tactics and strategies through the framework of behavior patterns of the sales staff and customer. CAREERFITOSITY™ promotes career exploration and career development tips. RELATE!™ provides critical comparison of different styles related selecting a roommate, lab partner, study group, or understanding teacher communication patterns.

TEAMOSITY® and CAREERFITOSITY™ are iPad applications available through your Apple App Store account or through an Enterprise Application license. SALESOSITY™ is built on a web platform (HTML5) for ease of access on all devices, accessible here or

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