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KSA Starter Kit

Are you a previous card sort certification participant?

Know the power of a good card sort and the discussion it brings?

Have you attended some previous tool-based certification or solution and want to leverage your investment doing so?

You are invited to complete our bridge experience to gain access to the TeamTelligent comprehensive talent management suite of products.  The suite includes cards, 360 surveys (rating or sorting), and development support materials. For professionals who have already been trained on using sorting methods and 360 survey interpretations, we are providing an alternative to a certification program to become a Qualified Administrator.

For a time (August through March 31, 2020), we are offering an introductory educational bridge for those practitioners who know, love, and have been educated on a card sorting process previously.  This will allow you to leverage your previous educational experience with the card sorting process many practitioners use and take our KSAL Suite Intellectual Property out for a test drive.  It doesn’t matter where you learned the process – your previous certifications can be used as a ‘jumping off’ point to experience our fresh intellectual property within the TeamTelligent, KSA Suite.

Who can qualify? 

You may have done an educational experience in the leadership or competency circles, or maybe you learned a 360 or ‘type’ survey and coaching process using assessments while using a card methodology.  This previous experience can give you access to our tools.

Please list your contact information and experience in the form below that could “grandfather you” or help you qualify for access to the tools.  If you have trouble remembering specifics, use the text area to describe what you were trained in — we’re happy to help you know what might qualify if you can explain your experience/understanding in the free text area.  Most folks we talk to seem to remember some aspect of their certifications – or have even noted them on their LinkedIn Profiles!

Our Introductory Bridge Education Offer runs August 2019 through March 31, 2020.

Once you submit your contact and previous education information  –you’ll view the short on-demand bridge training webinar to transfer what you know, which then allows you to purchase a starter kit of products (at a discount)!

Buy one starter kit at our introductory price of $250 – plus shipping and tax – (a $425 value)… give it a spin so you can knowledgably position the approach in your organization.  Additional products can be obtained through our store once you determine what you need by using your Qualified Administrator dashboard.

The KSA Starter Kit includes:

  • One set of sort cards
  • One DIY (Development Guide)
  • One Hello! (Interviewing Guide)
  • One color placemat (Sides A/B and C/D) for application and interpretation
  • Tally sheet and tabulation poster -in a reproduceable pdf format
  • One 360 assessment – this is a special bridge program offer you can use on yourself or with another person to see how it works, and how comprehensive the feedback in (and of course, we’d love your feedback)

Once we review all of your information, we will send you an email with instructions for using your “free” KSA 360 tool and your protocols as a Qualified Administrator which allows you to access: Sort cards, 360 assessment (with five reports), placemats—inclusive of assignmentology, DIY: Develop It Your Self guidebook, HELLO! Interview Guides for these libraries of Roles and Practices.

View the full catalog of KSA Tools here.

Complete the form below and then submit to see the page to view the video to get started!! (And don’t miss the invitation to download a pdf on the home page www.teamtelligent.com which gives a comprehensive description of the suite of tools you can share with others.)

Invited Users

Only complete this form if you received an invitation to do so from Teamtelligent.