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Order Starter Kit

The Starter Kit will allow you to put to use the KSAL library of products and make use of the KSAL 360 assessment.  We hope you will make use of the significantly reduced kit cost to engage an individual in a coaching relationship and test drive the materials. 

We will contact you to orient you to the Qualified Administrator dashboard so you can get started when you are ready to use the 360 assessment.

You will love our “have it your way” approach with the five different reports you can generate from the KSA 360 platform.  We encourage you to download all of the reports so you can see the full range of materials available.  And you may run as many reports as you like at no extra charge.

As you may know, a best practice is to use the sort cards to help a leader get use to the language of the KSAL Library of Roles and Practices before launching the assessment.  In many cases, a card sort is used to select the key Practices that a Leader really wants feedback on, rather than the entire library……though we recommend the entire library.

While the KSAL HELLO! is designed for interviewing candidates, it is also excellent to use in conversations with your coachee.  Use selected Roles or Practice interview protocols to explore the depth of learning about a Practice.  The power of the open-ended props in a coaching conversation can be very illuminating….”Tell me about a time when…..”

Our placemats provide an overview of the library and relative developmental difficulty of developing skills in a given Practice.

Because KSAL is designed for Leaders, the end of each chapter has a “Tune Up” plan, as our research indicates that Leaders are at the top of an organization and as a rule don’t respond to developmental tips; rather, they want to plan a way to “Tune Up” a Practice.  Better still is our deep dive into a developmental plan at the end of DIY: Develop It Yourself.

Let us know how it goes by contacting us any time.

The Starter Kit includes:
  • KSAL DIY (Develop It Yourself)
  • KSAL Hello Interview Guide
  • KSAL Sort Cards
  • KSAL Color Placemats A/B, C/D
  • KSAL Rating Score Sheet and Poster, as PDFs
  • ONE KSAL 360 Administration