Glenn Newsom, PhD


Glenn believes strongly in intentional leadership development training and coaching and particularly excels in helping individual leaders become more effective within their work environments. Glenn has worked with wide variety of leaders from high level executives within Fortune 100 companies, to newly appointed managers in local non-profit settings.

He has a breadth of experience and skills as a master coach, classroom trainer, program designer, and organizational consultant. Glenn truly believes that improving leadership within organizations is key to improving the world as a whole.

Originally from North Carolina, and trained as a psychologist/counselor, Glenn has been working as an executive coach and consultant since 1998. In 2004, Glenn founded his own consulting firm that specializes in leadership development. As part of that work, he designs and delivers custom leadership and management training content, provides talent management and selection consulting, and engages in executive coaching relationships with an international clientele. His background as a psychologist and his past coaching relationships with thousands of managers and executives continue to inform his action-oriented, person-centered approach.

Glenn’s executive coaching work has occurred across a myriad of industries including for-profit, non-profit, and educational organizations. Consistent coaching work within large manufacturing companies, management consulting firms, retail, healthcare, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and finance organizations have defined the majority of Glenn’s coaching and consulting experiences over the last seventeen years. Specific focus on executive team development and the advancement of senior leaders within their organizations are key areas of interest and expertise for Glenn.

Recent Coaching Assignments:

  • Mid-career Managing Partner in a top-tier management consulting firm. Focus: Evolving from business content expert to “internal systems expert”; moving from leading projects to leading the business unit.
  • 41-year-old EVP of a large global insurance company. Focus: Acquiring the competencies needed for a newly appointed high profile and high-pressure role; moving from ‘rising star’ status to veteran leader.
  • Recently appointed CEO of a large hospital. Focus: Supporting the transition from physician leader to C-Suite performer.
Education, Publications, and Professional Affiliations

Glenn received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina (UNC), a Master’s degree in Counseling from the Pennsylvania State University, and a Doctorate in Counseling from UNC-Greensboro Board Certified Executive Coach, Center For Creative Leadership Certified Executive Coach.

Glenn specializes in working with mid-career, senior leaders who are striving to take their leadership skills and presence to the next level. He understands the multiple challenges and roles required of modern leaders and how developing a leader’s ability to create autonomous and adaptive systems can provide a positive impact on organizations.  His coaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of accountability, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, positive relationships, and team development for success.  Glenn is not a passive coach, but rather an active and challenging partner that assists his clients in thinking thoroughly about their impact, decisions, and responsibilities to further their professional growth and organizational success.

How to Contact Glenn:
  • Phone – 1 (336) 202-9001
  • Current Location – Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Works Globally
  • Extensively experienced in the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Pharma, and Education Industries