New Year . . . New Talent Tools

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Authored by: Garrick Throckmorton Garrick Throckmorton

As we began the New Year, we hit talent tool development milestones we want to highlight for you as you learn who we are, why we exist, what we do, and how your organization could benefit from each tool. Here are just a few of our newest scientifically derived tools!

New Year . . . New Talent Tools

Identifying High Potential

What is a high potential? Would you know if you saw one? How would you communicate this finding to others? What would you do with them next? KSAP (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes of Potential) is our High Potential performance library that helps to provide a common language through which high potential talent can be discussed, identified, and developed. To further aide in answering these questions, we have created the KSAP Career Path Survey.

The Career Path Survey is completed by managers with a direct line of sight to those who are considered High Potential. Through assessing employees on the Drivers/Markers and Practices of Potential, talent management leaders are armed with detailed reports and high potential index scores that can affirmatively identify your TRUE High Potential Talent.

New Year . . . New Talent Tools

Level-Specific Development

Research shows that the psychological world that employees encounter as they move up in any organization is quite unique! Can you think of a time a high-performing Individual Contributor was promoted to Manager and then failed? This common occurrence is just one proof point that what got you here wont get you there.

Our Suite of Tools is constructed using a level-specific approach that allows development to be customized to the employee where they sit today! No longer do you have to force a tool to meet the unique development needs of employees as our DIY (Develop-It-Yourself) Development Guides address development using level-specific and line-friendly language. As we start 2020, we are thrilled to have completed DIY for Leaders, Managers, and Individual Contributors!

New Year . . . New Talent Tools New Year . . . New Talent Tools New Year . . . New Talent Tools

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