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Authored by: Garrick Throckmorton Garrick Throckmorton

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. Businesses across the world have been competing in a VUCA environment for years; however, the current challenges we face are collectively unique. Meetings cancelled. Distance created. Businesses that were thriving one week are forced to lay off their workers the next. To state the obvious, COVID-19 has forced new challenges and demands upon each of us that stretch beyond business strategy.

Our team desires to send you our sincere well wishes during this time. We hope that this month’s newsletter finds you in a place where you are able to take care of your well-being and those around you. While an extreme inconvenience, as each of us follows the guidance provided to slow the spread of COVID-19, we will come out on the other side better as a result.

During times that are extreme in their VUCA characteristics, it is tempting to focus on new constraints, limitations, or friction points that limit our ability to meet our personal or professional goals. While tempting, we want to encourage our followers to acknowledge each challenge and then pivot quickly to identifying the new opportunities that this environment creates for you personally and professionally.

On a personal front, this may be a time to slow down and reconnect with family and friends in ways that seemed more challenging when your schedule had more control on your daily activities. Read the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for months, listen to music, learn a new subject, play catch with your children, thank a healthcare worker that you know, or identify unique ways to support small businesses in your community. What personal opportunities do you see to enrich your life and others during this time?

Professionally, your work cadence has been disrupted. Meetings have been cancelled, projects delayed, remote work has begun, sales may be down, and new communication challenges are being presented. We would like to encourage you during this time to reflect professionally in two ways.

1. Social distancing will have a real impact on the mental well-being of your colleagues. The isolation will energize some as it provides time to reflect and focus on work. Others will become fatigued by the distance and crave interaction with others. Conduct a scan of your peers or direct reports and identify a way that you can support their unique needs. Extend assistance on a project they are working on, set up a zoom meeting once a week to share moments of laughter and connection, or start a virtual book study.

2. Take advantage of this time to accelerate your own development and add new tools to your toolkit. These are times to expand your strategic value!

At TeamTelligent, we want to leverage our expertise to extend to you affordable and unique ways to accelerate your development. As such, here are a few ways that you can partner with us.

Accelerate Your Development

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TeamTelligent Webinar and Video Series

We are continuing to execute our monthly complimentary webinar series that fall into two categories:

TeamTelligent Complimentary Webinars

The Pearman Talent Insight Hour – Monthly webinar series presented by Managing Partner and lifelong talent management thought leader Roger Pearman. This series of webinars is designed to foster new insights for professionals that further equip you to provide strategic value in your organization on a variety of topics.

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TeamTelligent Video Series

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Sending you our best, as you focus on becoming your best!