Custom Training

Our custom training solutions help you build a stronger, more effective organization at ALL levels.

Organizations are complex and need a diverse set of people to achieve unique missions. Those organizations that succeed drive effectiveness through creating employee experiences that ensure all employees are able to meet their potential and give their very best.  In a real sense, talent development is intentional and focused opportunity management.

How do you make this happen?

We help organizations discover new levels of effectiveness and outcomes by ensuring that the entire employee population meets its potential through the delivery of unique solutions for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors, Individual Contributors, High Potentials and Teams. These solutions take the form of the comprehensive, research-based KSA Suite of Tools.  KSA is our shorthand for Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes.

Team Training

Whether you want to us to implement customized training programs or use strategic analysis to design your own, we have your solution. We work directly with your organization’s leaders to put decades of science and research in your hands. With your strategic goals in mind, we take the unique organizational context into account when determining the key roles and practices needed at ALL levels. The result? Customized and targeted training solutions that match your culture.

What do our virtual workshops or on-site training solutions entail? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Target the Roles and Practices needed by your Leaders, Managers and Supervisors, and Individual Contributors— Through the creation of Roles and Practices profiles that match your desired culture, we create a path towards improved effectiveness. Our virtual card or hands-on card sorting processes make this possible.
  • VUCA proof your future – Appropriately identifying high potential talent is half the battle of creating a VUCA Proof plan. We ensure that you have the confidence to leverage the Drivers, Markers and Practices of High Potential in order to successfully identify HiPo’s at ALL levels. With a foundation built upon science, we then craft solutions that ensure each HiPo continues to develop using 70/20/10 principles and practical strategies.
  • Develop a plan to improve team effectiveness—Our product and process solutions help you come up with a plan to improve team performance in a manner that allows strategic targets to be accomplished with a focus on the Driver and Practices of High Performing Teams. Do you have a Team that is off track? We have solutions for those circumstances as well.
  • Simplify training—Our training solutions are line friendly and easy to understand, so that you can implement them across your organization. We can deliver virtual and on-site training as needed.
  • Internal Certification—We can certify internal staff to use our products and processes for interviewing, using 360 surveys, analyzing developmental paths to greatness, and accessing action learning tips to enrich the behaviors that matter in the current context.

Build a better organization for greater performance and effectiveness with our solutions! Find out more about what we offer your organization by contacting us at TeamTelligent today.