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Get KSA certified and effectively implement our suite of products.

Through client education and certification, we provide you with the science to apply our talent management practices within your organization.  We believe a TeamTelligent Certification is a promise of what it is like to experience our IP and work with us. The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes (KSA) Suite of Tools includes a certification component — a quality, professional education experience to provide talent management practitioners skills to deliver on research-based methods and assessments.  Whether customized for a client on-site or delivered in a standard industry-accredited public format, the KSA certificate provides for best practice development methods that our clients trust and maintain throughout their careers (as a KSA designation is portable or moves with you throughout your career).

Get KSA Certified

Attend one of our sessions to:

  • Adopt a research-based educational experience designed to be easy to use, self-sufficient and easily transferable by card decks, posters, placemats, 360 Assessments – supported by the development workbook called DIY – Develop It Yourself and an interview guide called Hello!
  • Implement and facilitate KSA Suite 360s for development – become recognized as a KSA360 coach.
  • Use the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Potential to provide data important to individuals and organizations as they think about leadership potential identification and development.

Taking the time to get KSA certified is well worth the investment in yourself and the organization for which you work. It will support you in applying a systemic talent management and solidifying your strategic voice and seat at the table.  Your certification provides you with the education to be a talent tool expert in your organization, full authorization to purchase any KSA Suite of Tools, and administrative rights to deploy our 360 Assessments. Ultimately, this helps you develop a strong talent pipeline, improve employee engagement, and meet key strategic initiatives.

We can tell you more about what it takes to get KSA certified and our thorough client education process. Get started today by reaching out to us directly at TeamTelligent!

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