We’ve cracked the code on Potential Identification. You know better than anyone — the future of your organization rests on your ability to attract, develop and retain Potentials. We know the markers and drivers of a person who can grow significantly and reach the top of an organization, because they have something different — things that most people (candidly) don’t have. Talent pipelines are difficult to manage if you can’t get past the usual credentials and identify the right stuff that makes potentials — so full of potential.

Using 100 years of experience in talent management by its authors, and 50 years of research, you can now identify, measure, and develop Potential talent. Simply put, we know the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Potentials (KSAP) and have put the science and our experience at your fingertips. Through unpacking 25 Practices that cover 12 Markers/Drivers of success, you will have the keys to building bench strength across all levels in an organization.

Develop It Yourself (DIY) – $65

DIY is a book that is designed specifically to be the “go to guide” for Potentials to develop in the 12 Markers/Drivers and 25 Practices that increase effectiveness.

KSAP Sort Cards – $65

Coming Soon

Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization. Sort cards immerse decision makers into exercises that put the science directly in their hands in order to determine what is most important in the organizational context.

KSAP Placemats – $25 – $35

Placemats allow the user to have rapid access to an overview of the KSAP information in easy to access format. Placemats have been designed in several ways to meet your needs and come in both color and black and white versions.

KSAP 360 Assessments – $225

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We have developed a comprehensive suite of assessment tools to facilitate Potential development including our 360 assessment to provide well rounded development feedback that fuels performance.

KSAP Hello! Interview Guide – $65

Hiring Potential talent into your organization can be the difference between thriving in the future or failing. Potentials have rapid impact on organizations and build a depth of bench strength that bring a peace of mind to key stakeholders.

KSAP Tally Sheets – $1 and Posters – $35

Let’s be honest. Your desk can get messy. When engaging with our sort cards exercises, Tally Sheets provide a clean framework for recording the insights that you discover. Tally Sheets allow decision makers to jump from sorting exercises, to analysis, to action planning and come in both:
  • Role Tally Sheets
  • Practice Tally Sheets