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Get Certified and Effectively Implement Our Suite of Tools.

Through Virtual Certification Workshops or on-site certification, we provide you with the science to apply our talent management practices within your organization.  Our Certifications provide talent management practitioners knowledge and skills to deliver research-based solutions that solve today’s talent challenges.  Whether customized for a client on-site or delivered in a virtual format, the KSA certification provides best practice development methods that our clients trust and maintain throughout their careers (as a KSA designation is portable or moves with you throughout your career).

Get KSA Certified

We offer monthly Virtual Certification Workshops which include:

Foundations of the KSA Suite
Benefit: Use of a comprehensive set of talent tools for everything from coaching others to developing a talent system for Individual Contributors, Managers/Supervisors, and Leaders.

  • Summary: Built on decades of creating competency tools and best practices, our founders have created rich evidence-based tools and processes to help you advance your talent management practices and create a common language across your organization. The Foundation of the KSA Suite Certification equips you to use the Individual Contributor, Manager/Supervisor and Leader performance libraries with a focus on card sorting conversations and development tools.

KSA 360
Benefit: Use of a full range of customized multi-rater surveys to meet the unique needs of Individual Contributors, Managers/Supervisors, and Leaders.

  • Summary: 360 Surveys are a powerful way to fuel the development of employees. The KSA 360 allows for this powerful development to occur at all levels as a means to build a robust talent pipeline like never before.  Join us for a virtual certification focused on enabling you to administer, interpret, and deliver 360 feedback at three levels: Individual Contributor (KSAI), Manager/Supervisor (KSAM), and Leader (KSAL).

KSAP: High Potential Selection and Development
Benefit: Use of cutting-edge surveys to both identify and development your high potential talent.

  • Summary: Learn how to use KSAP – The Knowledge Skills and Attributes of High Potential. Studies show that High Potential can be found at ALL Levels in your organization, with special characteristics that naturally ready them for roles with broad scope and greater responsibility.   Verified High Potentials do well in first time situations and fare better during uncertainty. They handle anything you throw at them, as well as pressure and crisis better than most– and even seem to “know what to do, when they don’t know what to do!”  The KSAP Virtual Certification will give you the tools to identify, verify, develop, and engage your High Potential talent to ensure you have a leadership pipeline you can rely on.

Hello! Selection and Interviewing
Benefit: Use of incisive, behavioral based interviewing questions and analysis to ensure the right talent is selected for your team, and immediately positioned for coaching.

  • Summary: The war for talent is never ceasing. Differentiate your selection and interviewing process by injecting science into your approach to elevate the probability of hiring talent that can drive long term organizational success.  Our KSA Suite of Tools is scientifically-derived, and behaviorally focused so that you can customize your approach to hiring the best Individual Contributors, Managers/Supervisors and Leaders using Hello!

KSAT: The Science Behind Teams
Benefit: Use of teaming tactics to create and drive High Performing Teams.

  • Summary: Learn how to use KSAT – The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of High Performing Teams through this virtual certification experience. Studies on High Performing Teams reveal specific KSAs that are essential for high performance as well as the identified Drivers and Practices for teams who achieve great things! The KSAT Library of Performance Behaviors provides you with the science and tools to create and sustain high performing teams in your organization.

Taking the time to Get Certified is well worth the investment in yourself and the organization for which you work. It will support you in applying a systemic talent management approach that solidifies your strategic voice and seat at the table.

Get started today by viewing virtual certification options on our Events Calendar or by reaching out to us directly at TeamTelligent!