Type and Culture

Having just returned from working with managers in Asia, I am doubly convinced in the importance of understanding how behavioral type patterns impact teams and leader influence.  Using TEAMOSITY(R) with a senior executive team, they were able to both identify unintended communication challenges due to the differences of their types and actions to take to make sure that they used their differences effectively.  As one ENTJ (extraverted thinker with introverted intuiting) explained, “We now have a way to anticipate communication challenges.  Before TEAMOSITY, we would make assumptions about what other people were doing and why they were doing it.  We now know that people are seeking to do what comes natural……the use of the Type to Type to type tips has transformed our working together.  If nothing more than making us alert to issues, we have a common language and common framework when working through issues.  This has been a wonderful consultant at your finger tips tool.”

Teams that use TEAMOSITY as a tool for discovery and conversation are finding it easier to deal with tough team issues in constructive ways.  By making sure that all team members have the application and can talk together about how they see each other, more understanding is accomplished more efficiently than could otherwise be achieved.  The application saves time and money.

Try this out: link your iPad to an LCD projector, have the team agree on the behavioral type of each team member and as the agreement is reached, add the team member to the group.  Watch and discuss both how the Net Team Type changes and what they may mean for how the group works together.  Check out the various interpretative circles and discuss how the team changes as the team members are added.  Using a newsprint and easel, make a list of topics to come back to as the team goes through this discovery process.

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