Type-to-Type Tips

The world view and behavioral pattern of an ESTJ is pretty different from those of INFPs.

So if I am an ESTJ needing to motivate and inspire an INFP, my best bet is to understand that my typical approach will have limited value and that I may need to flex in order to achieve the desired outcome. The purpose of our type-to-type tips is to give you practical suggestions for working with the other types, given your type.

Further, it isn’t simply the reverse between the types.  In other words, as in the example above, you can’t simply say that the reverse of what the ESTJ uses to work with INFPs will work for INFPs needing to work with ESTJs.

The sixteen mindsets and behavioral patterns are too profound to be thought of as a simple formula.  For this reason, we made sure to think about how each type would work with the other types.

In TEAMOSITY(R) you have a number of places to access type-to-type tips, especially in the Dysfunction and Relationship graphs.

Let us know how the type tips work for you.

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